Supporting St George's

As you will no doubt be aware, 学校s across the country have been dealing with dwindling budgets, and in the future will face further significant funding cuts. It is estimated that St George’s School budget will have lost £1.7million in real terms between 2015 and 2020. It is the worst affected 学校 in 哈. (源圣. Alban’s Review and英国/ # /school?chosenSchool=9194614)

Whilst we can lament the lack of government funding for our local 学校s we are nevertheless very lucky to have our children attending the amazing 学校 that is St George’s. It is presently, and has been consistently throughout the last decade, rated by Ofsted as an 杰出的 学校.  It was the Sunday Times Comprehensive School of the Year (2019).

There are so many ways you can support St George’s. St George’s is providing your child with an exceptional state sector education, but unfortunately there is no such thing as free state education any more. Those of us brought up with this concept will find it hard to put such an idea behind us. Great teaching is at the heart of any good 学校, and we all need to dig deep in any way we can to support our fabulous teachers.

At St George’s there are several different ways you can help, something for every talent and circumstance!

Cecil Grant Founder's Trust

The Trust is a charity run for the 好处 of all St George’s pupils. All families are asked to make a monthly donation per pupil by Direct Debit. The Trust also accepts one off payments. The money raised is spent annually so that our pupils feel the 立即 好处, and pays for items such as computers, 书, 运输, 日历, prep 书 and other equipment. The Trust works hard to maintain a steady income stream to the 学校 upon which it can depend, and plan it's spending accordingly.

The Founder's Trust was originally set up as a result of the will of our Founder, Rev Cecil Grant.  The Trust is still going strong today as a charity and, thanks to the generosity of St George’s families, collects and donates to the 学校 approximately £135-140,000 every single year.  The Trustees include “old Georgians”,  current parents, governors and the Headmistress. Click here for more information

Parent and 工作人员 Association

The St George’s PSA encourages a very strong community within our 学校 and fund raises via its very many social events. The funds raised by the PSA enables us to provide enhancements for the 学校 that would be hard to justify from other budgets; the "nice to haves".  Enhancement of the facilities within the Music department, or the resurfacing of the Multi Use Games Area, to name but two recent projects funded by the PSA. You can get involved with the PSA in so many different ways including: painting weekends, arranging alter flowers, helping in the library, preparing refreshments for a Parent’s Night, as well as assisting to organise or providing hands-on support at one of the numerous larger events. Whatever your talent or interest there is something for you. Click here for more information


The 发展基金 was originally set up to help fund the building of the 体育运动s Centre and Modern Foreign Languages block. It focuses on larger capital building projects within the 学校 and we have recently raised funds and completed the much needed refurbishment of one of our old Science Labs in September 2017. Click here for more information


在生活中给予 is an award-winning fundraising platform that works with over 4,000+ leading online retailers so a percentage of every purchase is donated to charity, without costing the charity or the shopper a penny extra.

When you sign up to 在生活中给予 to support St George’s, then each time you shop online at supported retailers a commission is paid to the St George’s PSA by the retailer. You can also set up a donation reminder on your browser so you never miss the opportunity to donate while you shop. Click here for more information